ETA Spray by Ghiant

Gentle and effective PT1 & PT2 qualified hand & surface disinfectant. Approved by the Belgian Government and ECHA standards.

Can be used as a hand spray, but is also suitable to clean and disinfect almost any surface that is touched by hands such as:

  • Electronic apparatus, mobile phones, remote controls, every type of keyboard, pay terminals etc.
  • On safety visors, glasses and safety glasses, computerscreens etc.
  • On car interiors, bus interiors, ship interiors etc.

Ideally suited for:
Office environments, hospitals, indoor worksites, shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs, fitness equipment, supermarkets, schools, at home, etc.

As a cleaner and disinfectant in the industry for:
Tools, cleaning electronics, extracting essential oil, removing grease from car windows, removing adhesive residues, removing mold, cleaning spectacle lenses, defrosting and cleaning car windows and locks, pre-treatment for sealants, removal of waterproof ink, rubber rollers, fine mechanisms, removing dirt, oil and grease from printed circuit boards.

Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.

About Ghiant

GHIANT aerosols nv started in 1987 to produce under the creative and professional leadership of Philip and Werner Nolten to market genuine GHIANT products. In 1998 GHIANT food nv started to produce food products according HACCP and BRC standards.

In the meanwhile GHIANT products are available in more than 45 countries and due to the experience gained from 25 years of making aerosols and aerosol formulations, continuous efforts to make high quality & environmentally safe products, GHIANT aerosols now is able to offer you a wide range of products and services.